Ag Financing That Works As Hard As You Do

C & B and our trusted partners understand the commitment that goes along with an equipment purchase. We pride ourselves on having all finance resources available to ensure our customers can tailor a financial strategy to enhance their business. Whether you are shopping for a piece of new or used farm equipment, there are financing options for you.

Finance vs. cash

Choosing between cash or financing should be based on your long-term business goals, not merely on whether you have available cash in the bank. C & B has identified powerful benefits for financing that you should consider before you decide which option is best for you.

Expanded Options

Financing your equipment keeps your options open. Growing your business takes cash, and business opportunities sometimes present themselves unexpectedly. Having available cash puts you in a position to benefit when opportunity strikes, so why tie up your cash in equipment purchases?

More Flexibility

When you finance your equipment to maintain a cash cushion, you remain flexible and better prepared to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Fuel prices, competition, economic factors, and labor costs are just some of the issues facing the agriculture industry.

Accommodating Terms

With a number of financing options available, allow your operation to take advantage of accommodating finance options on your next tractor, combine, and more! At C & B we offer various loan and lease options that put you in control. Talk with our sales team to see how we can work with your operation.

Direct Comparison
  Loan Lease
Lower initial cash outlay No Yes
Lower monthly payment No Yes
Own equipment at maturity Yes Optional
Off-balance sheet financing No Possible
Mileage or usage restrictions No Yes
Payments typically tax deductible* Interest only Yes
Depreciation tax benefit to user Yes No
*Always consult your tax advisor regarding proper tax treatment

John Deere can offer you many different ways to make owning and operating equipment easy and affordable. Check out the links below.

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Preserve capital, adapt to changing workloads, and maintain access to the latest technology with John Deere leasing programs. 


Competitive rates, flexible terms, and solutions customized to your business. John Deere financing programs make it easy to own your equipment.

John Deere Financial

Multi-use account

Farm financing is simple with a John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account. From seed to feed, your Multi-Use Account can finance all types of farm purchases.

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