The John Deere Parts You Need To Stay Up And Running

C & B Operations is committed to providing timely and affordable parts solutions that keep our customers in operation. We keep our supply stocked with genuine John Deere parts so that you won’t have to wait when you need repairs, and you can get back to operating at full capacity sooner. 

Our location in Luverne, MN has the John Deere parts that you need, and the expert advice to help you diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that you are having. From the tiniest screw to an entire system, our Luverne dealership has the materials you need to keep your John Deere machine healthy and well. Take a look at some of the parts offerings that we have, and see why C & B Operations is the local premier John Deere dealer of choice.

C & B Central

C & B Central is your one-stop shop to take your John Deere experience from great to incredible. This app is free to download, and the account crosses over easily from app to website. Instead of having to call ahead and wait on the phone or drive to a dealer just to verify maintenance times and openings, C & B Central allows users to easily request service, order parts to your nearest dealer or parts drop box, look at invoices and statements, make payments, and so much more. 

Create an account and download the app today to help augment your experience and increase efficiency. If you have any questions, talk to a technician or representative at the Luverne, MN location.

John Deere Operator Manuals

We know that keeping an operating manual around for a decade or more is a feat of organizing that many can’t achieve. Stop spending time tearing your barn apart looking for old equipment manuals. The Luverne, MN location parts department has what you need. We have access to hundreds of John Deere operating manuals, including the one you just spent 4 hours digging for. Search by model, and save time and headache today with the C & B Operations Parts Department.

Get Parts Anywhere In Minnesota

C & B Operations values the time of busy farmers. When you need parts, sometimes you don’t have the time to go across the state to pick up what you need. That is why in addition to the 37 C & B Operations locations, we offer parts drop boxes. These allow parts to be dropped closer to where operators live and work, reducing commute time to get what they need to get back in the field. Minnesota has 17 dropboxes in addition to our dealership locations to make sure that you are never far away from what you need.


We want to help maximize your productivity as much as possible. That’s why we keep parts stocked, letting you grab whatever you need when it’s convenient for you. When you have genuine John Deere parts close at hand, you can spend more time on the job and less time on the road. Talk to our representatives and technicians at the Luverne, Minnesota, location to get a parts onsite program started for your operation.


C & B Operations already offers the highest-quality genuine John Deere parts, but we regularly feature deals that can save operators money. From our Parts Bargain Bin to special offers, see how you can take advantage of these savings by clicking below. Operators can also learn about these specials by talking with an expert at our Luverne, Minnesota location.

Find John Deere Parts In Luverne, Minnesota

Situated on the Rock River in South Minnesota, Luverne is a large town that draws people from all over the region. The town also supports a robust and thriving agriculture community in the surrounding area. C & B Operations is proud to support the culture of Luverne through friendly staff and the agricultural health of the area through our dealership. We provide high-quality John Deere parts to operators and growers. Learn more about us by giving our Luverne location a visit. 

At C & B Operations, we believe that in order to provide the best possible service, we need to do the most for our community. That’s why C & B Operations is committed to each and every town we have a location in, as well as the surrounding areas and the land that we help to cultivate. 

Our team of dedicated parts specialists is always happy to help you find the best solutions for your needs. We want to make sure you have the right tools to keep your equipment in tip-top shape and elevate your operations. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix for a minor hiccup, an upgrade to take your equipment to the next level, or a nice gift for the John Deere lover in your life, C & B Operations has you covered. We keep a wide variety of parts in stock, and we have a quick turnaround on any parts that need to be ordered. The satisfaction and success of our customers are important to us, and that’s why the C & B Operations parts team is committed to being here when you need us most.

Boxes of John Deere parts at C&B Operations.