Why John Deere 1025R Tractors
Are The Right Choice

C & B Operations is committed to bringing you the best equipment to fit your lawn and garden needs, and there is no better tool to add to your kit than the 1025R. This subcompact tractor is a true workhorse that can handle whatever project you have before you, whether you just need a simple Sunday morning mow or you need a capable backhoe and loader to dig out and level a new driveway. When you’re looking for a John Deere 1025R tractor for sale, look no further than C & B Operations.

The 1025R is a truly incredible machine that occupies the space between lawn mower and tractor. While it can certainly lay down a premium cut on your grass, using it as just a fancy lawnmower would mean missing out on all that the 1025R tractor is truly capable of. Tractor is, after all, right there in the name.

Being able to attach and detach implements efficiently is an integral part of any tractor. The optional iMatch system makes this a breeze on the 1025R. Simply reverse the tractor up to any iMatch compatible implement and the system attaches to the tractor automatically. That’s less time trying to get implements attached and more time getting work done. With a common hitch up front for things like blades, brooms and snowblowers, attaching implements has never been easier.

AutoConnect Mower Deck

Somehow, John Deere made it even easier with the industry-exclusive drive-over AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. When you’re finally done with all the digging and hauling and you’re ready to sit back and have a nice relaxing mow, attaching the mower is as simple as driving over it. Yes, really. Just drive up and over the deck, listen for the PTO to attach and then reach down and lock the gauge wheels. Instant mower, and you never had to leave your seat. Try doing that with the competition.

John Deere 1025R

Ready in All Season

It’s not enough to just be able to complete any job, though. The 1025R has to be able to complete any job in any season. And with the optional cab, the 1025R can do just that. This heated, fully enclosed cab surrounds the already comfortable operator’s station. When combined with the wider seat, foldable armrests and ergonomic controls, the cab serves to keep you comfortable for long days in any weather.

John Deere 1025R

Unprecedented Versatility

The 1025R offers the homeowner unprecedented versatility in addition to John Deere’s legendary quality and durability. Offering standard features and options well beyond the competition for a price tag that appeals to your reasonable sensibilities, the 1025R is truly the best choice in subcompact tractors for your home.

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