WHY JOHN DEERE 2430 Chisel Plows

It all started for John Deere in 1837 when he took a broken saw blade and used it to fashion a revolutionary steel plow. That tradition of resourcefulness and revolutionary design has guided John Deere ever since. The 2430 chisel plow carries on that legacy by providing an exceptional soil finish even in soil with tough residue.

It all starts with a solid field finish to give you the best possible seedbed. But large fields can provide a wide range of different conditions that require multiple adjustments on the go. Constantly stopping to change plows isn’t realistic, so you need a single plow that can get through it all and still leave your fields in great shape.

The 2430 Chisel Plow is the tool you need. It’s a tough, straight forward plow that truly shines in the toughest conditions. The 4×4 steel frame and Walk Over wheels give it a rugged toughness. But the plow really shines in its versatility and control. Depending on your conditions, the 2430 can be outfitted with either a 240 Coil-Tine harrow or the knife-edge hydraulic rolling basket. The rolling basket is perfect for breaking up large clots and powering through rocky patches. It leaves a nice, smooth finish even in sticky conditions.

When combined with TruSet technology, the 2430 shank depth and rolling basket down pressure can be adjusted on the go, directly from the cab. There’s no longer any need to hop in and out of the cab as conditions change and spend upwards of half an hour adjusting everything by hand. Simply use the onboard control screen to adjust tine depth and down pressure with the press of a finger.

Strong and Flexible for Every Condition

With the strength and adjustability available on the 2430 Chisel Plow, it’s an excellent option for taking fields with varying conditions and turning them into a uniform finish ready for seeding. Drop by your local C & B Operations today and talk to our sales staff about taking a 2430 Chisel Plow back to the farm today.

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