Why John Deere 6155R Tractors
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6155R Tractors

The John Deere 6155R Row Crop Tractor is designed to provide power and versatility for a wide range of tasks from baling hay to removing snow. These tractors are ready to go to work in the city or on the farm, taking on tough utility chores and heavy work while meeting the demands of growing operations. It provides a high level of performance and exceptional comfort while you work, so you can keep going until the job is done.

The 6155R comes with a durable John Deere 6-cylinder PowerTech engine that is Final-Tier-4 compliant. It offers multiple transmission options, including AutoQuad PLUS, Direct Drive or Infinitely Variable Transmission. With a hitch lift capacity of 9,193 pounds, you can take on the biggest implements without hesitation. The capability of this tractor shines even more in changing conditions. It has 40 additional horsepower in reserve, so it can jump in when you need an extra push to help you power through the tough stuff.

Inside the cab, the Gen 4 CommandCenter serves as the ultimate operator interface. It’s easy to navigate and it’s totally customizable, so you can set it up with the data that’s most important to you. It offers on-screen help functions, intelligent warnings, easy-to-change fields and guidance lines, machine monitoring, implement control, and the list goes on.

You can take advantage of CommandPRO joystick in the John Deere 6155R, which makes driving the tractor easy and intuitive with reconfigurable controls. It uses a unique driving strategy to ensure the highest possible performance along with the highest level of comfort for the operator. That combination makes daily tasks simpler and more efficient.

One highlight of the driving strategy is the fact that both pedal and joystick modes are active at the same time. You can also command top and zero speeds by simply pushing or pulling the stick. The joystick provides other great features like unique inching control, three easily adjustable travel set speeds, two engine set speeds, and three acceleration response settings.

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