Why John Deere 9620RX Track Tractors
Are The Right Choice

When only the biggest and most powerful will do, look no further than the John Deere 9620RX track tractor. The 9620RX is the top of the line of John Deere’s track tractors and offers all the power, performance and control you would expect. Contact C & B Operations if you’re looking for a John Deere 9620RX for sale.

Track tractors allow you to operate in field conditions that might otherwise be unworkable. By providing a well-distributed load and traction across the entire undercarriage, track tractors can operate in many conditions, allowing you to work where a standard wheeled row-crop tractor might not be able to. The 9620RX takes this formidable design and adds an incredibly powerful 620 hp Cummins X15 engine to it. With the most powerful engine in the line and a track design that can take it anywhere, the 9620RX will help you accomplish your work efficiently. 

Stable and Easy TO Use

The 9620RX has a wide undercarriage with the option for 88inch or 120inch in track spacing, with either 30” or 36” inch tracks. This gives you flexibility in your operation, yet still provides traction and power delivery of tracks. The 120”inch track spacing provides excellent stability and easy serviceability. John Deere has other 9RX models with even more track spacing and size options.

9620RX Row Crop Tractor
9620RX Row Crop Tractor

Keeping You Comfortable

Once you’ve decided on a track profile, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be piloting one of the most comfortable rides in the industry. Like most of John Deere’s top tier tractors, the 9620RX is outfitted with the CommandView III Cab which has a variety of amenities to keep you comfortable throughout the work day. The cab features the ComfortCommand seat with air suspension and a passive noise reduction system. A premium seat with 40 degrees of rotation to the right makes checking on your implement comfortable. And finally, the CommandARM and CommandCenter display put all the functions of the 9620RX right at your fingertips.

9620RX Row Crop Tractor

Support with JDLink

As the top-of-the-line track tractor in John Deere’s line up, the 9620RX also comes set up with a 5 year JDLink Connect Subscription, with a 50 hour temporary subscription to JDLink & Remote Display Access. The wireless data sharing set up allows you to pull up yield maps and as-applied data to share with your agronomists and advisors. JDLink also allows you to wireless monitor fuel levels, service intervals, and location history.

This top of the line tractor offers all the amenities and power you would expect from one of the biggest and most liberally outfitted tractors in John Deere’s lineup. A tractor that combines power and performance with comfort and ease of use is a highly desirable product and the 9620RX happens to be just that. 

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