The Next Generation of agriculture – Farm and Ranch Kids Get Recruited

There’s a valuable pool of talent that companies are tapping for future workers – high school students who grew up on farms and ranches. These rural youths possess traits that make them highly desirable recruits, especially their incredible work ethic and loyalty.

Developing a Tireless Work Ethic

Farm kids understand the meaning of hard work. They’ve risen early their whole lives to handle chores before school. Weekends and holidays include tending to livestock, repairing equipment and other tasks. By graduation, they have a decade of experience working long hours and getting their hands dirty. This instills an unmatched resilience that serves them well in any career.

Learning Responsibility and Independence

Operating farms teaches teenagers responsibility from a young age. They drive tractors and operate machinery prudently. They care for animals and crops, knowing their work has an impact. Making judgment calls and independent decisions is part of the job. These skills allow farm youths to take on leadership roles immediately.

Understanding Loyalty and Commitment

When livestock and crops depend on you every single day, it builds loyalty and commitment. Farm kids don’t quit because something is difficult, they persevere. They stick with an operation for the long haul because it’s their way of life. This ingrained loyalty makes them passionate team players who are in it for the long run.

Standing Out to Recruiters

These unique attributes make farm and ranch teens ideal candidates that companies actively recruit. Their maturity and real-world skills surpass peers who lack the same experiences. Recruiters from agriculture, manufacturing, trade industries and more are keeping rural areas on the radar. For companies needing dedicated workers ready to hit the ground running, farm kids are a valuable pipeline.

Shining in College and Careers

As farm youths advance to college and careers, their strengths that formed growing up continue serving them well. Their work ethic leads to academic success and leadership in organizations. They tackle internships and first jobs with characteristic determination. And they bring their loyal, team-first mentality to benefit every workplace.

The future is bright for the next generation from agricultural communities. Their upbringing builds a rock-solid foundation to achieve great things as they embark on higher education and beyond. Recruiters far and wide understand the tremendous potential these motivated, grounded teens possess.