Why John Deere Large Square Balers
are the Best Choice

C & B Operations is your source for John Deere large square balers for sale. The John Deere 1 Series balers pair cutting edge technology with industry-leading build quality to give you the number one large square balers on the market.

Large Square baler for sale at C&B Operations by John Deere.

John Deere large square balers are designed to take a lot of the guesswork out of baling hay. Starting with a mega-wide pickup width, these balers make it easier to gather the crop from windblown and scattered windrows. Pickup is further improved by an extra-large diameter roller baffle that compresses the crop against the tines, leaving less crop on the field. The balers can also be outfitted with a precutter if you prefer to cut your hay prior to baling. The knives can be engaged from the cab and are spring-loaded to prevent damage from any foreign objects.

The built-in baler assist helps you clear any jams you may experience. Rather than have you crawling under the baler to remove the crop by hand, with the hydraulic drivetrain system you can move the bale from anywhere in the baling sequence. Opt in for the Bluetooth remote and you can even do it from the cab, saving you both time and hassle.

Judging moisture levels also gets more accurate with the John Deere large square balers. You don’t have to guess at your moisture levels, because the moisture sensor takes readings throughout the whole baling process. This allows you to make accurate real-time decisions. Designed to work in conjunction with the preservative system, application can be adjusted on the fly to maintain optimal moisture levels.

The preservative application system on the John Deere large square balers lets you gather and bale at slightly higher moisture levels without having to worry about spoiling or heat generation. While hay can normally spoil at a moisture level of 17%, the preservative allows you to preserve hay at up to 30% moisture level. This optional system, as noted, works with your moisture sensor to adjust application in real-time.

John Deere large square balers are designed to create the highest quality bales on the market. They do so with innovative design and technology to take all the estimation and guesswork out of baling so you can work knowing your product is being looked after.

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John Deere 348 Small Square Balers

If you’re looking to start hay baling for your own use or want to offer smaller bales in addition to your larger round bales, the 348 is the baler to use and it can easily be pulled behind tractors you likely already or would make an excellent and versatile addition to your farm. Swing in to your C & B Operations location today and let our expert staff help you put together the best combination of John Deere 348 baler and tractor today.