John Deere N500C
Central Commodity System For Sale

The John Deere N500C is designed to maximize yield in no-till seeding applications. Its recent redesign delivers everything operators have asked for. Increased capacity, increased accuracy and increased access. C & B Operations is your source for the John Deere N500C CCS for sale, so contact us today and get your hands on this newly re-designed system.

The first thing you’ll notice when you see the N500C is that the frame and tank have been reworked, allowing John Deere to make a few desired changes. The tank has been moved up and back and the blower fan has been moved to a position forward of the tank. This change allows the operator easier access to the meters and with electric drive metering, calibrating the meters has never been easier.

The N500C can be outfitted in either single, or dual rank design with operating widths from 30-42 feet and row spacing between 7.5 and 20 inches, depending on options and configurations. When combined with the Pro-Series No-Till Openers, this set up allows for the most accurate seed placement with minimal moisture loss and disturbance.

The N500C also features the latest in John Deere technology that allows the operator greater control over the seeding operation. The N500C is outfitted with John Deere’s ActiveCal system that allows the operator to actively calibrate the machine while variables change throughout the day. Even something as slight as changing product weight will affect the seed distribution. The ActiveCal system allows you to make adjustments from the cab as frequently as you may want or need to.

To make this machine operation easier, the N500C is outfitted with the Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter Display. This allows the operator to select settings such as product type and rates. This allows the automatic system to populate a meter displacement value for every meter. Operators can then choose to use this as a starting point to make manual adjustments, or leave the settings as they are. Through the seeding process, the operator will be prompted to stop for readjustment or they can choose to ignore these new settings and keep seeding. This allows for maximum flexibility depending on your application.

N500C Commodity System for sale at C & B Operations.

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John Deere 2430 The newly designed N500C Central Commodity System has everything your operation needs to make seeding as fast and as accurate as possible, in order to maximize yields without wasting product or missing optimum seeding windows. Contact C & B Operations today to see all the N500C has to offer.