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Net Wrap Lift Kit with NEW CoverEdge MegaRoll

Introducing the innovative Net Lift, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for efficiently retrieving John Deere net wrap from the ground and seamlessly loading it into the baler. With its remarkable functionality, it streamlines the process of handling net wrap, making it a breeze to utilize the new John Deere Mega Roll, whether you’re out in the field or at the barn.

Enhancing the round balers even further, the LED Net Lighting is an excellent addition. It features brilliant LED lights strategically placed under the hood, providing exceptional illumination during those late nights working in the field. This remarkable lighting kit can be effortlessly installed on 7 series and newer round balers, once the net lift kit has been successfully implemented

Why use a lift?

Eliminate manual loading, saving time with faster loading.
John Deere CoverEdge MegaRoll is 67” x 13,200’, 46% longer than the original CoverEdge.
One roll makes 314+ bales at 2 wraps per roll*
*based on 6’ diameter w/ 21 feet per wrap
Less time loading + larger rolls = more productivity

What models does this fit?

With two different net lift kit options, it is compatible back to 7 series round balers. Both Net Left kits are compatible with 4 & 5 ft wide balers.

Part No. Description Price

BE33116 – Net lift for 7/8/9 Series Balers – $1,999.00
BE33117 – Net lift for 0 Series Balers – $1,999.00
BE33118 – LED Lighting Kit – $255.40

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