1705 Planter

  • Offered in 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-row configuration
  • Row spacing options include 30 in, 36 in., 38 in., and 40 in. 70-cm spacing for 6- and 8-row frames only.
  • Available in 1.6-bu. or 3-bu. MaxEmerge 5 row unit
  • Insecticide option for 1.6-bu.
Maximize your time in the field and give your crops the best shot at an incredible yield with the John Deere 1705 planter. This planter can be configured to a wide variety of rows and situations, making it incredibly versatile. The 1705 Planter also comes with John Deere Precision Ag to help operators get statistics and adjust in real-time. Find out more and buy yours today at the C & B Operations website.