John Deere 1775 Flex Drawn Planter

  • 12 rows on 30-in. spacing
  • Available in 1.6-bu. or 3-bu. MaxEmerge™ 5 row unit
  • Insecticide option for 1.6-bu.
  • 2-section frame flexes 20 degrees up & 30 degrees down
Field image of 1775 Flex Drawn Planter
The window for planting your crops is narrow. If you are too late, the drop in crop yield is steep. Make sure you have the proper equipment to hit the optimal planting times and have more flexibility with the 1775 Flex Dran Planter by John Deere. This planter has a delivery system that allows you to move faster, and technology that gives you real-time feedback on how the planter and your fields are responding. Get your quote online today with your local premier John Deere dealer, C & B Operations.