2730 Combination Ripper

  • Adjust depth in six seconds on the go
  • In-cab control of each functional area
  • 1/10th-in. (2.5-mm) accuracy
  • Expanded tractor compatibility
Field image of 2730 Combination Ripper
For incredible variety to help bury residue more efficiently, and more options for customization in your field, trust the 2730 Combination Ripper by John Deere. This implement combines four areas of effective machinery to help effectively bury 60-80 percent of debris in just one pass. The four areas consist of disk blades, ripper shanks, rear closing disks, and finishing attachments. The ability to quickly and conveniently customize these components independently offers reduced cost of operation and maximum productivity. Get a quote today from your local premier John Deere dealer, C & B Operations.