DB60 47Row15 Planter

  • 60-ft. toolbar with 47 rows on 15-in. spacing
  • Available in mini-hopper ExactEmerge™, MaxEmerge™ 5, or MaxEmerge™ 5e row unit
  • Requires a minimum 350-hp tractor equipped with Category 4 drawbar
Field image of DB60 47Row15 Planter
Maximize your uptime and ensure that your crops get the best start they can this season with the DB60 47Row15 Planter by John Deere. This machine can plant a wider range of rows to help you take fewer passes, saving you time. Plus, with innovations like curve compensation and the SeedStar monitoring system, you can optimize how you plant on the go. Find out more, and get a quote online, at your local premier John Deere dealer, C & B Operations.