R4045 Sprayer

  • 1,200 gal (4,500L) tank
  • CommandDrive™ all-wheel drive system for traveling over hills, wet spots and soft ground with ease, plus a quieter cab and improved fuel savings
  • Direct injection product mixing option
  • Choose 120- or 132-foot carbon fiber boom options
  • JDLink™ comes standard with five years of connected service
Three-quarter view of r4045 sprayer
The R4045 Sprayer was designed to help you apply nutrients to your crops more efficiently. Built with a 1200-gallon tank and advanced suspension, it saves you downtime by enabling you to stay in the field longer. Direct injection allows more space for raw chemicals, and a CommandDrive™ powertrain allows the R4045 sprayer to handle even the toughest terrain. Find out more about how the R4045 can help you this season, and get a quote online with C & B Operations.