Ida Grove, Iowa (February 16, 2021) — C & B Operations, LLC, a family-owned business that operates 37 John Deere dealerships in South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, and Idaho has entered in an agreement with Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. to exclusively supply all the tractors, balers, and skid steer equipment that Corn Board will need as it develops and grows the manufacturing of its unique CornBoard™ product.

This agreement will help solidify the combined effort to support local farmers by converting corn stover biomass, such as stalks, husks, and leaves, into an environmentally friendly wood alternative called CornBoard™.    The CornBoard™ product will be used to make pallets that weigh less but have the same, if not stronger, structural integrity as traditional wood pallets, as well as a longer life span.

“The use of corn stover as a sustainable product aligns with our vision to help promote precision agriculture within the communities we serve,” said C & B’s Chairman and CEO, Peter Burwell.  “Our commitment to help drive innovation and technology within agriculture to help support our customers by giving them additional avenues and markets for their produce folds into what Corn Board is striving to do.  We are excited to help with this important effort.”

“We’re looking at the big picture,” shares Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc.’s CEO, Lane Segerstrom. “The time has come for business to adapt and deliver life’s essentials in a nature-positive way. This project is a collaborative effort between like-minded organizations who are striving to do the right thing for our environment and our communities. Bringing quality jobs and economic development to Rural America through this carbon negative plant is extremely exciting.”


About C & B Operations, LLC

C & B Operations, LLC is a privately held John Deere Dealership group that has 37 locations represented across 6 states, including Minnesota, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Iowa.  C & B started in 1988 with 1 store and is based in Gettysburg, South Dakota. Today, C & B is a leading supplier of large agricultural equipment, small agricultural equipment, as well as a leader in promoting precision agriculture.   For more information visit

About Corn Board Manufacturing Inc.

Corn Board Manufacturing Inc. (CBMI) is an eco-friendly manufacturer of pressed wood alternatives. CBMI provides a green wood alternative made from bio-mass residue corn stover. CornBoard™ is produced by taking an overabundant and underutilized bio-mass material from corn stover and turning it into a building material that is an economical and environmentally responsible alternative to pressed wood products, such as pallets, furniture, plywood alternatives, skis, snowboards and building materials. CornBoard™ was developed, refined, and patented by leading researchers at the University of Illinois. For more information visit