Meeting the right planting window when planting corn can affect yield by 4-10 bu/ac.

With that being said, as spring corn planting is rapidly approaching, and in some cases already happening, here are a few helpful planting pointers to keep in mind this spring.

  • Try and have a minimum of 50 degrees F soil temperature, ideally 60 degrees plus, at planting depth.
  • Aim for a 2” planting depth. A ¼” shallower in cooler soils and a ¼” deeper in warmer soils. Soil moisture can also play a part in this.
  • A cool rain within 24-36 hours after planting, can “chill” the seed and can cause germination issues. According to Iowa State University, a corn seed will absorb 30% of its weight in water, within the first 24 hours in the soil.
  • Using an in-furrow fungicide and/or starter fertilizer can help the seed in cooler, more stressful conditions.

 Josh Horstman – CCA Agronomist

According to Iowa State University, University of Illinois, and John Deere