• According to ISU data, high-speed planter study with John Deere ExactEmerge vs. Precision Planting SpeedTube vs. normal conventional planters, the most significant yield losses occur from skips in the seed meter, especially when planting corn
  • Doubles are also another way to miss out on yield due to poor seed singulation or seed spacing
  • A standard deviation of 2” is a general rule of thumb for most planters when planting corn

Planter Seed Spacing Quality Under High Speed Planting Conditions

  • Planting corn at higher speeds of 5-10 mph with both high-speed planters showed consistent seed spacing but the conventional planter showed a noticeably reduced consistency in seed spacing at the higher speeds.
  • ISU studies have also shown that along with the higher planting speeds you’ll need an extra 20-40# of downforce along with increased closing wheel pressure


Survival Rate of Soybeans in High Speed Planter Trial

  • At higher planting speeds, the John Deere ExactEmerge planter produced 84% average survival rates vs Precision Planting SpeedTube was only 77% average.
  • The larger soybean seeds of 2750 seeds/# or less were plugging at the high speed in the Precision Planting SpeedTube whereas the John Deere ExactEmerge had no plugging issues at 160,000 seeds/ac on 30” rows planting at 7 mph


Iowa State University Extension & Outreach

Integrated Crop Management News

Authors: Matt Darr & Ryan Bergman