Making hay is a simple but exacting process that requires timing and attention to detail. C & B Operations can’t help you control the weather, but we do carry a number of implements and supplies to make your hay growing, harvesting and baling significantly easier. If you’re looking to improve yields, let C & B Operations help you find the best tools for the job.

While the planting and growing of hay is fairly straightforward, the real fun starts when it comes time to mow, cure and bale it. Timing is everything and being as efficient as possible can save not only time and money but possibly the whole harvest. Naturally, there are a number of considerations to be made in regards to the equipment you’ll want to use to make the process as successful as possible.

As you know, one of the major factors to consider is hay moisture. Depending on whether you’re making square or round bales, the moisture of the hay has a major impact on the finished product. Bale too dry and you could lose leaf material and lower the quality of the hay. Bale too wet and the hay could actually build up enough heat to start a fire.

The 440E Round Baler by John Deere for sale at C&B Operations, working in a field with a row-crop tractor.

Timing this baling right can be tricky. However, a product such as Anchor For Hay can give you a bit more flexibility in your baling. Treating hay your hay with Anchor can allow you to bale at slightly higher moisture levels, giving you a wider baling window. Baling at higher moisture levels will also allow you to collect a product that’s higher in nutrients. If you’re using a large round baler like a John Deere Zero Series, this could allow you to bale hay with a moisture content as high as 20% with an absolute limit of 25%.

While baling your hay, keeping traffic down on your fields and reducing compaction is another major concern. One of the best ways to limit this is to make use of an accumulator like the John Deere Plus2 A520R Accumulator. These incredible machines attach to the back of your baler and allow you to hold 2 bales while making a third. You can then drop all three bales off at the same spot. Controlling when and how you deposit your finished bales allows you to line them up on your field, making pickup a breeze and limiting back and forth tractor traffic across your soil.

C & B Operations provides a number of solutions to help make your hay harvest successful and profitable. Drop in today and talk to our knowledgeable staff about your harvest and let us put together a total hay solution for your operation.