From construction to forestry, having dependable transport is crucial. This transport must have the traction to get there, and the power to move equipment. While some utility vehicles would struggle in such a high-stress environment, John Deere created the work series for these situations. C & B Operations is proud to carry the gas-powered Gator HPX615E and the diesel-powered Gator HPX815E Work Series utility vehicle. Take a look at what the work series has to offer your operation, and how you can get a quote online from C & B Operations, below. 

Built To Be Used

John Deere built the Gator Work series specifically with tough conditions and hard-working sites in mind. These Gators are affordable and tough as nails. Both models offer four-wheel drive for improved traction over any terrain and superior payload, cargo capacity, towing, and overall stability. Additionally, you can take everything and the kitchen sink anywhere with the 1000 lb. cargo capacity, 1300 lb. towing capacity and 1400 lb. payload capacity. John Deere created these rugged work models for early mornings and late nights. John Deere created the Gator Work Series to be used. 

Revolutionary Cargo Box

Of the many impressive features that the HPX615E and HPX815E Gator models, a highlight is the cargo box. John Deere has created one of the industry’s best cargo boxes that is durable, versatile, and easy-to-use without sacrificing looks or space. The cargo box is rust, dent and rattle resistant. Additionally, the cargo box has a pickup-style one-handed tailgate opening. With up to 16.3 cubic feet of cargo space, you have plenty of room to haul what you need. Additionally, the box can transform into a flatbed, allowing you to carry large and irregular loads. 

The Gator Work Series Is Available Now At C & B Operations

The HPX615E Gator and HPX815E Gator are perfect for any worksite operation. At an affordable price point, they are an investment that will work as hard as you do. C & B Operations is proud to carry the Gator work series by John Deere to help our customers optimize their task list and get more done for less. Get a quote on our website or see one for yourself at one of our 37 C & B Operations locations.