In the Midwest, winter is settling in. As snow falls, your blades can take a break. By properly preparing your mower for winter storage, your mower will be ready to go once spring pops up.

Service Your Machine

Before tucking your mower away for winter, complete a full service. C & B would be happy to help with a mower inspection and service! If do-it-yourself is more your style, talk to our parts team and we will help you with the right supplies for the job. You will want to change the oil, check/replace air filters, change the fuel filter and put in new spark plugs. John Deere home maintenance kits come with everything you need!


It is a great idea to grease all moving parts in your mower before winter. This will help eradicate moisture and avoid rust through the winter months. Give special care to the high-wear parts.

Battery Maintenance

If you’re parking a machine for winter, it makes sense to disconnect the battery. However, if you will have periodic use of a machine over the winter months, keeping your battery in optimal health is important. Check out the selection of battery chargers available on C & B Central today.

Manage Your Fuel

We don’t recommend storing standard gas in the fuel tank before winter. Determine if running the machine out of fuel makes the most sense for your mower or if prolonging the life of the gas in your makes sense by adding a fuel stabilizer.  A fuel stabilizer can stop fuel from gumming up and going bad while the machine is not in use.

Blades & Tires

Perform blade maintenance before storing your mower and save time in the spring! Look for worn or dull blades that need to be replaced. Tires with visible wear should be replaced before storage to ensure mobility of the unit come spring.

Cover Your Mower

If storing your mower inside isn’t an option, we would recommend a cover. The mower exterior should be protected to ensure your seat and paint are protected for many years to come.

Talk to your local C & B if you have questions on winterizing your John Deere mower.