Colder weather is coming and preparing your equipment for the harsh temperatures can help extend equipment life as well as reduce expensive repairs. Winter is a great time to book your equipment inspections with our service teams to ensure your equipment is running smoothly when you need it. Walk around your equipment and make note of any visible issues to alert our service team to any major repairs ahead of time.

What can you do back at your operation? Here are some steps to winterize your machines:

Clean equipment

After harvest has wrapped up, take the time to thoroughly clean your machine. Not only can this help preserve the look of your machines, but it can also help you spot visible repairs.

Change Fuel

As the weather dips to colder temperatures, it’s important to switch from #2 diesel to #1. Since #1 fuel has the paraffin removed, it won’t gel in the cold weather. Help avoid future issues and optimize fuel flow by adjusting to #1 diesel.

Routine Maintenance

Now is the time to do those routine tasks that help extend the life of your machine. If you’re comfortable, change the engine oil, air up the tires, take care of bearings and joints as well as replace air filters where necessary. Check your fluid levels and make sure your coolant and window washing fluids are topped off. Keep in mind that your local C & B has sales on many of these items so stock up when the savings are right!

Charge or Disconnect Batteries

If you’re parking a machine for winter, it makes sense to disconnect the battery. However, if you will have periodic use of a machine over the winter months, keeping your battery in optimal health is important. Check out the selection of battery chargers available on C & B Central today.

Store DEF in Original Container

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) needs to be properly stored for the winter months. DEF can expand up to 7% when frozen and increases the risk of equipment damage. It’s best to store DEF in the original container to eliminate potential hazards.

Make Plans to Inspect and Repair

Talk to your local C & B to book your annual inspection. Our expert team will work with you to resolve any issues spotted during an inspection.