When it comes to your equipment, you deserve the best— and so does your land. Here at C & B Operations, we’re committed to providing you with nothing less. You might already own some of the highest-quality equipment around, but you need hardworking attachments to really get the most out of your Deere. It’s easy to give your land the best care with top-notch landscape attachments from Frontier. Check out some of the different types of Frontier attachments we can offer you below.


If you’re looking for an implement to help you knock out your landscaping and gardening chores, a Frontier Rear Blade is a great option. These sturdy blades can take on driveway and ditch maintenance, too! They can be iMatch or Quick Hitch compatible, and easy adjustment makes tasks like grading and leveling much simpler. Plus, they can help you out with the snow in the winter. Frontier Box Blades are also great tools for grading and leveling uneven ground. You can opt for a fixed or floating tailgate, depending on your goals. Like the Rear Blades, the Frontier Box Blades are compatible with either iMatch, QuickHitch, or both.

Diggers, Augers & Trenchers

Frontier’s Post Hole Diggers and Augers are fantastic attachments for drilling into the ground. They move quickly and they dig deep, so they can cut a significant amount of time out of your next fencing project. If you need to do a little more digging, the Frontier 3-Point Trencher is great for digging uniform trenches for small drainage or utility projects. It uses a chain-type digging model with adjustable depth control, so you can feel confident about getting exactly what you need out of your implement.

A piece of John Deere farm equipment being used to landscape.

Scrapers & Planes

If you have a driveway, yard or field that you need to smooth out, you might benefit from a Frontier Box Scraper. These heavy-duty attachments can take on even your really tough scraping tasks. They offer drawbar and single SCV compatibility, and they can come with an optional notched cutting edge for working with hard material. Frontier Land Planes can give you a leg up on things like filling potholes and reconditioning gravel roads or driveways. The Land Planes are so durable, you can easily smooth over challenging landscapes. They come in pull-type and 3-point-hitch-mounted configurations, and they are iMatch and/or Quick Hitch compatible.


If you’re looking for rakes, Frontier has what you need. Frontier Power Rakes are fast, versatile and convenient. They’re iMatch compatible and fully equipped with a carbide tooth roller and manually adjustable rollback barrier. You can hydraulically adjust the angle to get it as precise as possible for every task. Tasks like cultivating, leveling, grading and restoring soil surfaces are made easy with the Frontier Power Rakes. Plus, you can opt to add Power Rake Seeder Attachments so you can level, till and seed all in one go. If you need a rake that’s more ideal for cleaning and grooming your land, check out the Frontier Landscape Rakes. These rakes can remove brush and debris, do final seed prep, and level surfaces. Rugged and durable, these iMatch-compatible Rakes are sure to be up for the challenge.

Some of the other Frontier Landscape Attachments include Wood ChippersCore AeratorsSoil PulverizersDebris BlowersOverseedersRotary Cutters, and Manure Spreaders.

Head to your local C & B Operations dealership to learn more about Frontier landscape solutions from our team of experts. We would love to tell you more about the many benefits of Frontier equipment. In the meantime, you can check out our used Frontier product inventory online.