Seamlessly Connected

Throughout every phase of your operation, from planning to harvest, John Deere is the only brand you can count on to seamlessly connect people, equipment, technology, and insights to give you an edge. Sure, other manufacturers offer equipment that you can attach to your machines, but none are as seamless or advanced as John Deere’s.

At first glance, the John Deere 1023E might just look like a standard, sub-compact tractor — but it’s so much more than that. The 1023E has a number of features that set it apart, making it the ultimate first tractor for homeowners and a staple for seasoned equipment collectors. As versatile and capable as it is, the 1023E is re-defining what sub-compact tractors can do.

Data Management

With John Deere Displays and StarFire receivers, Data Management technology helps to improve application rates, fuel economy, input placement and land stewardship. The technology is brilliantly designed in such a way that makes it easy to get started so you can get to work right away and get fast results. That means a fast payback, too! We offer a wide range of John Deere precision ag products, from JDLink to Operations Center to In-Field Data Sharing. These technologies allow you to move data to and from your machines, learn from the performance of your operation over time, collaborate with other people and tools, and the list goes on. Here at C & B Operations, our experts can help you get set up with the right Data Management products for you and your unique operations.


John Deere Guidance Technology is just what you need for your growing business. No two operations are alike, which is why your guidance tech should be open, integrated and able to evolve with your enterprise. We carry all kinds of affordable Guidance products, from entry level units for smaller properties all the way up to top-of-the-line application for large-scale farms and other businesses. Everything is tailored to suit your needs and preferences, so you can be as efficient as possible in the field. These products help you to cover more ground, increase productivity, reduce overlap and maximize inputs. Plus, you’ll walk away from the day with more energy after enjoying an improved operator experience. The technology can work with any equipment you use, and it’s easy to upgrade whenever you want.

Variable Rate Application

John Deere Variable Rate Application products can be extremely beneficial when it comes time to start planting and caring for your crops. After all, when you put down seed and chemical where you really need it, you’ll save seed and chemical — and money. These products help you to reduce overlap and minimize skips, which ensures precise placement of your crop’s nutrients and protectants. With the John Deere Rate Controllers, you can even control both liquid and dry products simultaneously without having to purchase more than one controller. Products like the Raven AccuFlow Vortex help to maximize your yield potential and significantly increase your efficiency. Come to see us at C & B Operations, and we can talk you through the benefits of each product as well as answer any questions you might have.

Field and Water Management

Whether it’s water or soil, you can make the most of all your precious resources with John Deere Field and Water Management. These advanced products can help you to reduce irrigation costs, create ditches and levees in record time, and save money on labor and fuel costs. Field and Water Management products that we offer here at C & B Operations include Field Connect, Mobile Weather, Surface Water Pro Plus, and iGrade. You can monitor moisture levels and feeds data, improve recordkeeping, map changes in elevation, optimize land forming results, and so much more. Browse our inventory online, or stop by one of our many C & B locations to learn more.

More Precision Ag Information

StarFire™ 6000

4240 Universal Display

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