Less time loading means more time SPRAYING!

Every Farm Would Benefit from QuickDraw

Time is one of our most valuable resources. Spend less time loading & more time spraying with the SurePoint QuickDraw fully automated spray tender system. Eliminate manual calculations and get to spraying sooner. 

Features of QuickDraw

QuickDraw Max is a fully automated spray tender system. Start by creating a recipe – the applied application rates/ acre for each chemical in the batch. Recipes are saved and used every time you load that mix of chemicals.

QuickDraw Lite provides mass flow or oval gear meter measurement of chemicals with refined features and operation. QuickDraw Lite is a manual or semi-automated spray tender system.

Top 5 Things QuickDraw Users Say:

  • “It’s fast! I can spray an extra batch in the day. Some days two.”
  • “It’s clean! I can spray all day and not touch any chemical.”
  • “Automated batch calculation is awesome. Makes it fast and accurate to mix a batch of any size.”
  • I wish I’d have bought it three years earlier.

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