Whether it is the quality of machinery or the durability of the material, the color green has always represented a specific feeling in those when it comes to the farming community. Green has represented much more than just a healthy field of crop, it represents the foundation on which the farming and agricultural community was built.

The mission of Real Tractors Are Green was developed to share and grow the knowledge of agriculture. Real Tractors Are Green stands for a better tomorrow, a brighter future, and most importantly, giving back to the community.

There are 3 pillars to Real Tractors Are Green:

  1. Color of the Tractors We Love
  2. The Keeping the Land Sustainable
  3. The Green Economic Benefit of Utilizing Precision Ag Technology


The word that Real Tractors Are Green travels quickly: people across the country are showing their appreciation for their favorite color of equipment. However, there is another meaning to the movement of Real Tractors Are Green and it involves Precision Agriculture.

A goal of Real Tractors Are Green is to drive awareness and education to Precision Ag, as well as, the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. The sustainability of agriculture is not only a day-to-day career, but a necessity in our everyday lives.

As an ode to the farmers and their families in our community, a portion of every sale from the Real Tractors Are Green website will be given back to our agricultural communities through precision agriculture education. Every Real Tractors Are Green purchase, big or small, enables us to do our part in “Feeding the World” and investing in local farming communities around the world who are working to create a better life for everyone. Our investments back into the community include giving to university programs, tech schools, 4-H programs and FFA programs. It is our way of giving back to those who feed us.


Sustainability in agriculture is putting the right product in the right acre by helping growers become more efficient by using the fertilizers and chemicals by not only put what you need, but where you need it. It allows farmers to produce more with less and become good stewards of the land. Technology in farming is now allowing for that because sustainability helps impact our customer’s financials because we are reducing excess seeds, chemicals etc. and saving time with the developing the efficiencies of the land.


Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops, and raising livestock. Precision Agriculture or Precision Ag is the ability to measure what farmers can produce and through those measurements, increase their bottom line by utilizing technology to help reduce costs and drive efficiencies in the process of growing plants. Every farmer or producer has a different goal—agronomic, financial, or logistical goal. Precision ag technologies provide solutions for the goals, by enabling the farmers to produce more and save money by utilizing the software and hardware doing so.

In the beginning of the process, Precision Ag helps with seeding and fertilizing at the same time, precisely putting it down in areas where it is more economical and viable for the producer to use — rather than wasting chemicals. In the middle and end of the process, there is electrical conductivity mapping, soil sampling and data collection from the combine for harvest.


Precision Ag is more than just purchasing equipment and saving money. Today’s current Farmers and producers are very much into the day-to-day operations of running an agricultural business and do not have time to put in the work to learn about taking advantage of all the capabilities that Precision Agriculture has to offer because technology is changing so fast.

To keep up with the changing landscape, John Deere invests more in technology than other large ag equipment suppliers, so farmers have the technology at their fingertips through utilizing John Deere dealer resources. John Deere dealers are at the forefront helping these farmers and producers get up to speed as fast as possible, but it is not fast enough.

If we do not increase our production in an efficient way, we will not be able to have growers make a viable income. Our goal is to help farmers understand the capabilities that precision ag has and help them run their operations proficiently to help drive production levels up and their costs down.