Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your equipment in good working order. In this article we’ll go over some essential checks and maintenance routines that will keep your compact or utility tractor working at its absolute best.

1.       Read your Operators Manual. Even if you’ve already read it, read it again. Essential knowledge of your tractor is kept in this manual, and it will ensure you’re using and maintaining your equipment properly.

2.       Check your engine compartment. If you haven’t used your machine for an extended amount of time, check inside your tractor for any rodents or animals which may have taken up residence while you were gone.

3.       Clean your radiator with compressed air. The radiator regulates temperature for your tractor and ensure it is working properly with no clogging is essential in order to avoid costly mistakes.

4.       Tighten your tractor’s lug nuts. These can become looser over time and should be checked occasionally.

5.      Do not mix lubricants. When lubricating grease points on your machine, stick to one type of grease to not cause any unintended effects.

6.      Winterize your tractor. Use the proper anti-gel agent to protect the fuel in your engine and gas tank from turning to a gel and causing major mistakes.

Always read your Operator’s manual before working, and always follow the proper safety precautions.

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