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JDLink Upgrade Thumbnail of Jeff in Tractor Cab

JDLink Upgrade

The offer may be gone, but there is still some great information about JDLink in this video with Jeff Buyck.

JDLink Install Thumbnail with Seth in Tractor Cab

JDLink Install

Seth Horstman shows you how to uninstall a 2G or 3G MTG and install a 4G MTG in a 4940.

JDLink Connect Free Offer Thumbnail

JDLink Connect Free Offer*

While this offer may be expired, you can still learn about the benefits that JDLink Connect provides in this video.

Mobile MTG Box

Mobile MTG Box

Learn from Scot Drey about the Mobile MTG Box and how you can get one today from our Support Center.

Operations Center

Operations Center with Support Center

Operations Center with the Support Center

Hear from Wade and Steve in the C & B Support Center about their favorite parts of the Operations Center.

Operations Center with Chris Thumbnail of Chris

Operations Center with Chris

Chris is back on Technology Thursday to share his three favorite things about the John Deere Operations Center.

Operations Center with Nathan Thumbnail of Nathan

Operations Center with Nathan

Nate is back and this time he is sharing his three favorite things about the John Deere Operations Center.

Operations Center with Zach Thumbnail of Zach

Operations Center with Zach

Learn about one of our Precision Ag Consultant Zach's favorite parts of the John Deere Operations Center.

Operations Center with Devin Thumbnail of Devin

Operations Center with Devin

Devin, a Precision Ag Consultant, shares his favorite things about the John Deere Operations Center.

Operations Center with Denton Thumbnail of Denton

Operations Center with Denton

Learn about Precision Ag Consultant Denton's three favorite things about the John Deere Operations Center.

Operations Center Fun With Flags Thumbnail

Operations Center - Fun with Flags

Jeff Buyck channeled his inner Sheldon Cooper to show off the flag feature in the Operations Center.

Data Management

Manure Sensing

Manure Sensing

Fresh off a training, Jeff Buyck talks briefly about the John Deere HarvestLab 3000.

Specialty Crop Yield Monitor

Specialty Crop Yield Monitor

Learn about the 1120 Specialty Crop Yield Monitor and how it is like a Swiss Army Knife for your tractor.

Field Analyzer Beta

Field Analyzer Beta

Field Analyzer Beta in the John Deere Operations Center is an important area to check out post harvest.


The New Gen 4 4240 Display

The New Gen 4 4240 Display

The new Universal Gen 4 4240 Display is a great mid spec display and offers you a wide variety of benefits.

Features on Gen 4 Displays

Great Features Found on Gen 4 Displays

Jeff Buyck talks over some of the different features of the Gen 4 Display including guidance, faster setup and more.

Variety Locator Gen 4

Variety Locator Gen 4

Jeff Buyck shares some great ways to set up Variety Locator and talks about some new features on the Gen 4 Display.


Turn Automation On A Tractor

Turn Automation

We head over to SD to learn more about Turn Automation from the Precision Ag Consultants in that region.

Machine Sync Activation Video

Machine Sync Activation

Devin Hoekstra demonstrates the Machine Sync Activation using a grain cart.

ATU 300 In Action in a Gator

ATU 300 In Action

Nate Bumgardner shows the ATU 300 in action as a follow up to our informational video about this tool.

iTec Pro Example

iTec Pro

Taylor Broyles explains and demonstrates the iTec Pro activation for us in this week's video.



Are you leaving money and yield out in the field? Learn about how RowSense can help prevent that.

Radial Shifts

Radial Shifts

Jeff Buyck steps into the classroom to give us a better idea of how Shift Track on a 2630 Display can benefit us.

Machine Sync

Machine Sync Activation

Learn how the Machine Sync Activation can help benefit you during harvest to become more efficient and effective.

In Field Data Sharing

In Field Data Sharing

Learn more about how to share guidance lines between machines in the field to make communication easier.

ATU 300

ATU 300

Chris Seifert shares about how the ATU 300 works and what benefits you gain by using it.


RowSense Demo

How To Set Up RowSense

Learn how to set up and operate John Deere’s RowSense on the 4600 display in the S700 series John Deere combines.

Variety Locator

Variety Locator

This week for Technology Thursday we learn more about the Variety Locator in the John Deere Operations Center.

Active Yield example

Active Yield

Jeff Buyck teaches you how to limit the amount of times that you calibrate your yield monitor with Active Yield.

Preseason Yield Monitor Checks

Preseason Yield Monitor Checks

Learn more about what you should check over in your combine grain tank to help increase yield accuracy.


Chris Seifert in front of 8RX Tractor

John Deere 8RX Tractor

Chris sent us this video of some of the new Precision Ag features this model can have. 

C & B Central Screens

C & B Central Overview

Jack Gerhardt, is back with Jeff Buyck, to give you an overview of our new e-commerce platform, C & B Central. 

Sprayer Technology

Sprayer Technology

Nate Janssen and Jeff Buyck talk about technology options on the R4045 Sprayer.

Efficiency Manager

Efficiency Manager for Fuel Savings

Learn a quick and easy way to save money with John Deere's Efficiency Manager Transmission.

Jeff in a field.

Episode 1

Our very first episode of Technology Thursday. Learn more about the use of Aerial Imagery to inspect your fields.

Documentation for Windrowers

Documentation for Windrowers

Craig Williams, Precision Ag Consultant in Idaho, talks about setting up documentation on your W235 Windrower.