At C & B we are your neighbors, your relatives, your daughter’s volleyball coach. Each one of our C & B locations is staffed by real individuals that share your passion for agriculture on the good days and not so good days.

When the world’s best technology seems to working against you, rest assured we are prepared to help you take control back. Whether you need parts, tools or simply a few minutes with our service techs on the phone to get your operation moving in the right direction.

The Tools You Need At Your Fingertips

Customers and independent repair shops can now get their hands on the diagnostic service tool, Customer Service ADVISOR, directly from John Deere through The tool will continue to be available through John Deere dealerships. In 2023, we will roll out an enhanced customer solution that includes a mobile device interface and secure software downloads to embedded controllers with 4G connections.

Managing Your Tech Enabled Equipment

Tech drives agriculture, it is change from just a decade ago, with technology comes responsibility. The systems which are delivering larger harvests and more efficient nutrient applications also protect your equipment from being modified to operate in unsafe environments. You depend on your equipment to operate when you need it and in all weather conditions. In order to maintain uptime, safe working conditions certain areas of John Deere software are not able to be modified. We are here for you, please reach out your local store service manager if you have any questions.

For Your Future

Staying focused on the future of agriculture, C & B is here to support the next generation. The use of electronics has dramatically increased, however our commitment to being your families partner hasn’t changed. 

Protections Matter

Your equipment is complex, heavy and vital. John Deere protects software to ensure it cannot be placed into override which may place individuals at risk. Never operate machinery with modified safety equipment modified.

Your Operation Is Critical

Safety First.  Keeping your firmware up-to-date on your equipment is essential to meet environmental regulations.

Your On The Best Team

You have choices, equipment comes in all shapes and colors. History has proved John Deere to be the world’s leader in agricultural equipment. 

Your team extends from your place to the John Deere boardroom.  C & B actively engages with design and development teams at John Deere to help them formulate solutions to issues encountered. 

Staying in the field longer is possible when you are equipped with digital toolbox of applications like Expert Alerts and Service Advisor Remote.  Identify potential technical issues before they result in equipment out of service.  

Resources For Your Operation

Customer Service ADVISOR

Need to clear codes, take diagnostic readings, or perform limited calibrations? The Electronic Data Link can handle all of those jobs from in the field or in your shop.

Operator, Diagnostic, and Technical Manuals

The best digital database resource to locate ALL operator manuals for Ag & Turf equipment, free and ready to use.

C & B Central - Online Parts

A one-stop shop to purchase parts, view and print shop invoices. Members receive special discounts on aftermarket parts & services. Sign up today to save.


Reference hour-interval maintenance online through your MyJohnDeere portal. Information to add value to your operation. Sign-up today.