Join us for our new series, C & B TV, where we showcase the latest in John Deere equipment and technology at our Agronomic Plot in Mitchell, SD. To learn more about the plot click here.

Your tractor steers on a guidance line, but how about your implement?  Join us for our next episode of C & B TV where our team will cover the following topics such as AutoTrac Implement Guidance, Curve Compensation, and how to setup information in the John Deere Operations Center for a successful trip to the field.  Stay tuned to this and all C & B TV episodes to keep your farm and ranch leveraging all that John Deere technology has to offer to reach the goals of your operation.


In this episode, we will discuss the StarFire 6000 receiver, mobile unit runoff, and operations center tutorials. Learn how to better utilize your John Deere equipment with the experts at C & B Operations!


In our first episode we will introduce you to our 2021 Production & Agronomic Plot in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Jeff Buyck, VP Precision Ag, and Nate Janssen, Product Specialist, will walk through the results of the fall tillage and stalk roll trials that were performed in 2020.  In this episode we will also talk about tillage and planting equipment considerations to prepare the best possible seedbed.