If you have a smaller operation or even a large yard, maintaining and housing a full-sized tractor isn’t practical or an optimized way to complete tasks. That’s why John Deere created the 3 Series of Compact Utility Tractors. These tractors have a small size footprint while featuring a high power density. This small tractor lineup features three levels of amenities.  So, no matter what you are looking to tackle, there is a 3 Series Compact Utility Tractor for that. C & B Operations looks at the different options available, and how they can help you get more done, below. 

3E Economy Farm And Landscape Tractors

The 3E Series of Compact Utility Tractor features open operator stations and a no-frills layout for your basic needs without any of the extras. The 3E Series is the most affordable of the 3 Series family, but still has the power and versatility to get the job down. These tractors come standard with Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission controls for easy operation and precision when working. Additionally, they have onboard diagnostics and John Deere Service Advisor so that operators can see performance in real-time. Finally, the 3E Series comes with a 3-point category 1 hitch that is compatible with optional iMatch™ quick hitch attachments. Find out more about the 3025E, 3032E, and 3038E by following the links. 

3D Hauling Tractors

The 3D Series is a slight upgrade from the 3E Series, with higher horsepower ranges and more advanced amenities to help operators work efficiently. One example of this is the drive train. The heavy-duty 8F/8R Drive Transmission gives the 3D Series of tractors smooth operation and responsive controls for precision steering and power. The 3D Series also includes onboard diagnostics to help display and monitor performance while working and make maintenance simpler and more efficient. The 3D Series also has a 3-point category 1 hitch that is iMatch™ compatible, allowing operators to use dozens of attachments. Compact Utility Tractors in this family include the 3025D, 3035D, and 3043D models. 

Premium Compact Utility Tractors

The 3R Series of Compact Utility Tractors include the 3033R, 3039R, and the 3046R. These are the premium members of the 3 Series family. They come fully equipped to handle the toughest tasks that operators can come up with. These Compact Utility Tractors have optional cabs with HVAC systems to keep operators warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also have PowerReverser™ or E-hydro transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals for the smoothest ride and precise control. The 3R models also have optional AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower decks to easily switch from heavy lifting to mowing.

C & B Operations: Your Local Premier John Deere Dealer

At C & B Operations, we stand behind the John Deere brand and its legacy of quality. The 3 Series compact utility tractor is no exception. With standard features that help operators run more smoothly, the 3 Series are incredible Compact Utility Tractors. C & B Operations is proud to carry the 3 Series, as well as the attachments that can help customize them to your specific needs. Visit one of our 37 locations, or browse our website, to order yours today.