Why The John Deere 4240 Universal Display
Is The Right Choice

Staying up to date with all the current advancements in technology can be hard. John Deere’s Precision Ag makes it easier and C & B Operations is here to help you pick out what works for you. No matter how in-depth you want to get with Precision Ag, the 4240 Universal Display is a great place to start. Swing by C & B Operations if you’re looking for a John Deere 4240 Universal Display for sale and let us help guide you through the process.

The 4240 Display is built for daily use and features a robust, dustproof case and an 8.4-inch touchscreen display. The high contrast makes for easy viewing and use, even in difficult weather conditions. The displays offers a modular approach and allows operators to create a display page that shows them the information they want to see. This includes the ability to hook up a camera and video feed, allowing the operator to monitor any particular aspect of the implement that they’d like directly from the cockpit.

4240 Universal Display

The installation of the 4240 Display comes with standard data collection and an AutoTrac subscription. In this most basic of configurations, the 4240 Universal Display will set the tractor up for money- and time-saving AutoTrac guidance that reduces overlaps and improves efficiency. If that’s all you want and need, then that’s all you’ll have to worry about. But if you want to take your Precision Ag experience further, then the 4240 display can handle all of the other features you might want.

Setting up Section Control and Data Sync can allow you to monitor and control up to 255 different defined sections, further improving output efficiency and saving you money. Remote display access is also available, allowing you to monitor your various machines’ progress throughout the day. This allows you to put yourself in more than one place during the day, easing your managerial tasks. The remote access can also allow your John Deere dealer to access your machines diagnostics and help you troubleshoot issues remotely, without you having to worry about them coming out to you or you getting to them.

Starting out at just $2495, the 4240 Universal Display is an easy and quick way to improve the efficiency of your operation and save you money in both the long and short term. The ability to upgrade means that as you and your operators become more familiar with John Deere Precision Ag technology, the display can grow with your operation. Come into C & B Operations today and let us show you everything Precision Ag and the 4240 Universal Display can do for you.

4240 Display

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