John Deere auger platform harvesters optimize your harvest time with a number of features designed to improve performance. When paired with the high capacity of the John Deere S-series combines, these harvesters truly excel. If you’re looking to improve your harvest by finding John Deere 635F augers for sale, then look no further than C & B Operations.

One of the most appealing features of the 635F is the HydraFlex float system that gives the operator maximum control over the cutter bar. With a simple turn of a knob in the cab of the combine, the operator can adjust the float. The hydraulic system increases or decreases pressure to ease or restrict the float of the cutterbar. This can be done manually or the operator can choose to use automatic mode. Using hydraulics, instead of the traditional mechanical float system, allows higher ground speeds with the 635F.

The cutting edge has also been improved with an epicyclic gearbox to limit vibration and increase drive capacity. This faster and more efficient cutting action is made possible with an increased 3.5-inch cutting stroke. This longer stroke improves the cutterbar’s ability to perform even when it encounters larger stemmed crops. The cutting function is also improved because the epicyclic gear design allows the knife blades to oscillate in a straight line rather than through a radius. 

All the increased performance in the world won’t matter if all that extra time you saved is then lost because you spend so much time switching between headers. The 635F solves that problem, however, by being equipped with the quick and easy single-point header latching system. This simple system combines the whole valve assembly system into a single platform so that attaching and detaching it is as simple as throwing a single lever.

The 635F is designed with nothing more in mind than saving you time by delivering a fast, consistent and reliable harvest. The HydraFlex float system, redesigned knife blade and single-point hydraulic attach system all serve to improve efficiency during one of the most demanding times of the year. If you’re looking for a better harvest with the 635F auger platform, contact C & B Operations today.

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When shopping for a used John Deere combine for sale, it’s important to know what to look for- but with some general tips in mind, you can often find incredible deals on the used marketplace. C & B Operations takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of it, so swing into one of our 37 locations today to pick up the used combine that’s right for you.