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Here at C & B Operations, we offer the highest-quality John Deere Combines and the best service around. C & B is the dealer you can trust for all your harvesting equipment needs, from the small grain T-Series combines to the heavy-duty S-Series combines.


With multiple locations in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, C & B Operations is committed to providing solutions for all of your John Deere equipment needs. You know you need a combine, but which model? What are the differences between John Deere combine models, anyway? Keep reading to learn more about the different specs of John Deere combines, or stop by your nearest C & B locations to talk to one of our experts in person.

S-Series Combines

John Deere S700 Combines are equipped with updated technology and integrated tools to help you get the most out of your harvest. No matter the conditions, you can count on your S700 Combine to give you consistent grain quality even when you may not be picking up on the changing conditions yourself. The S-Series offers a redesigned CommandARM, so comfort and control are never out of reach. The 4600 CommandCenter Display and Extended Monitor help to reduce setup time by 10%, while ActiveYield saves you time by eliminating manual calibration. The Combine Advisor package with ActiveVision Cameras means you get a high-quality sample and low loss. All S700 models come equipped with rotary separators. John Deere S700 Combines are ideal for a number of crops including rice, canola, wheat, barley, oats or other tough small grains.


The John Deere S760 Combine has an efficient 9-liter engine that boasts 333 horsepower. Like the S770 model, this machine can hold up to 300 bushels of grain. It has an unloading rate of 3.3 bushels per second and a total cleaning area of 7905 square inches. Both fixed and variable drive types are available. Like the other S700 combines, the S760 comes with key features like Combine Advisor, all designed for the purpose of maximizing profits during harvest.

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Sitting in the middle of the lineup is the John Deere S770 Combine Harvester. This combine has a slightly smaller engine of 9 liters, which puts out 391 horsepower. Its grain tank can hold 300 bushels of material, and it has an unloading rate of 3.3 bushels per second. The total cleaning area on the S770 combine is 7905 square inches. Along with the other models in the S-Series, the S770 features leading-edge tools like the Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning system. This feature improves capacity in a big way — up to 10% more in corn and 13% more in wheat and canola. That means you also get about 1.5 acres per hour of additional time. On top of all that, the cleaning shoe reduces tailings by as much as 28%. Drive types offered for the S770 include fixed, variable or multispeed.

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The John Deere S780 Combine is one step down from the S790 in size and power. It also has a 13.5-liter engine, but this one boasts 473 horsepower. Like the S790, this combine can hold 400 bushels of grain and with an unloading rate of 3.8 bushels every second and a total cleaning area of 9145 square inches. A key feature of both the S780 and S790 machines is Active Concave Isolation, or ACI. This feature increases threshing capacity by letting you continue to harvest even when conditions are not ideal. It increases the amount of crop that is being threshed, reduces rotor noise, and doesn’t sacrifice grain savings overall. This combine offers both fixed and multispeed drive types. If you don’t need quite as much power as the S790 offers, the S780 is a more economical choice that still performs like a beast.

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The John Deere S790 Combine is the biggest and most powerful in the lineup, putting out an incredible 543 horsepower. It has a 13.5-liter engine and a grain tank size of 400 bushels. It can unload at an impressive rate of 3.8 bushels per second, and it has a total cleaning area of 9145 square inches. The Drive Type on the S790 can be either fixed or multispeed. Features like ActiveYield help you to harvest smarter by sensing the weight of the grain you’re collecting and using that data to calibrate the yield system as you work.  If you have a lot of crop to cover and you need the biggest, baddest combine there is — the S790 is the right model for you.

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T-Series Combines


The John Deere T670 is a small grain combine built to increase productivity and efficiency while improving the quality of your grain and straw. It comes equipped with a 9-liter engine that produces 392 horsepower. Like the smaller S700 models, the T670 has a 300-bushel grain tank and an unloading rate of 3.3 bushels per second. The total cleaning area is a  whopping 9720 square inches, which is more than any of the S-Series Combines offer. The advanced threshing and  cleaning systems have the largest surface area of its kind on the market. It has a fixed drive type and Multi Drum/Straw Walker separator type.

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