Premium Harvesting Equipment

If you’re in need of John Deere harvesting equipment, C & B Operations is the dealer you can trust to provide you with the best high-quality machines. Whether you’re gearing up to take on your first harvest or you’ve been out in the fields for years, we have that perfect fit for you and your property.

We carry premium John Deere combines, corn heads and platforms of different varieties, so you can select the piece of equipment that makes the most sense for your operation. When you shop with us here at C & B Operations, you can always expect the highest level of quality, superior performance, and unparalleled service. With multiple locations in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, C & B Operations is committed to meeting all of your John Deere equipment needs.


Combines aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer a variety of configurations here at C & B Operations. We’ll start by helping you determine whether the T-Series or the S-Series Combines make the most sense for you. The T-Series machines have a maximum horsepower range of 300-450hp and a grain tank size range of 230-315 bushels. With the John Deere T670, you can expect smooth and direct crop flow along the largest active separation of any small-grain, walker combine on the market. The S-Series Combines have a maximum horsepower range of 380-400 bushels. The S700 Series Combines automatically give you consistent grain quality, no matter who’s operating it or what the harvest conditions are. You can put your trust in that, because not only does it have the best harvesting capabilities, but it also has smart technology built in to ensure that you always have the best possible harvest season.

Corn Heads

Once our sales professional help you determine the right combine for you, it’s time to get you set up with high-quality John Deere implements, like our corn heads. At C & B Operations, we carry all seven versions of the 700C Corn Heads: the 706C, 708C, 708FC, 712C, 712FC, 716C, and 718C. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a corn head with 6, 8, 12, 16 or 18 rows. When you attach a John Deere Corn Head to your combine, the gatherer points of the corn head are positioned between the corn rows as you move your combine through the field. The stalk rolls pull the cornstalks down so that the deck plates can snap off the ears. The corn head’s trash knives help prevent weeds and trash from wrapping around the stalk rolls, giving you the cleanest harvest possible. You can always trust in John Deere corn heads to get the job done correctly and efficiently. There’s no better alternative out there!


Maybe corn isn’t your thing, or maybe it’s not your only thing. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We still have solutions for you here at C & B Operations. In addition to our corn heads, we also carry Draper and Auger platforms for all your harvesting needs. We carry high-quality John Deere Auger Platforms, ranging in width from 20 to 35 feet. All of our 600 Series Auger platforms come equipped with the HydraFlex float system, which significantly improves operator control. These platforms were designed to match the high capacity of the S-Series Combines, and they are equipped with a range of performance boosting features. We also offer a number of different Draper platforms, ranging from 15 to 45 feet in width. These drapers produce a steady flow of crops even in tough conditions, and you can say goodbye to bunching. Some models offer the benefits of Hydraflex technology, a two-piece reel, and Dual Knife Drive. Stop by and see our specialists at C & B Operations, and we’ll help you determine the model that’s just right for your applications.

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