Why John Deere R4045 Sprayers
Are The Right Choice

If you’re in need of versatile and reliable sprayer that can take your operation to the next level, C & B Operations has the solution for you. We carry only the best John Deere sprayer equipment, like the John Deere R4045.

When you stop by one of our C & B Operations locations, our team of product experts is always on hand to teach you about the equipment and answer any questions you may have. With multiple locations in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, C & B Operations is committed to meeting all of your John Deere equipment needs.

The John Deere R4045 Sprayer comes equipped with everything you need to apply with precision. It has all the latest Precision Ag technology with a suite of solutions that save you time and money. This sprayer puts out an amazing 346 horsepower, and it has a solution capacity of 1,200 gallons. You can cover more ground at one time with a boom width up to 132 feet.

Inside the premium CommandView III cab, you can easily take control of your equipment and manage your data. The cab is uniquely designed to deliver the utmost comfort and control. It’s so good, you might have to experience it to believe it. John Deere listened to what operators were asking for, which is why the R4045 gives you 15 degrees of seat swivel to not only make you more comfortable but to give you better visibility and help you do more while you work.

Comfort and performance are necessary perks on long days in the field. The smooth dual strut suspension provides a best-in-class ride even in the toughest terrain, so you know you can count on your John Deere 4045E to take good care of you throughout the workday. The CommandView III cab also provides a multifunction handle with user-friendly controls that gives operators ultimate control.

R4045 Sprayer
R4045 Sprayer

With the 132-foot boom, you can take fewer laps through the field in your R4045. That means you can also reduce compaction and cut down on the time you spend spraying. If you don’t have quite as much land, you can opt for the 90-foot or 100-foot boom instead. All sizes are stable and capable thanks to the swing link suspension that delivers a precise spray pattern every time. That kind of stability means you’ll end up with less crop damage too. On top of that, you can fold and unfold your boom faster as a result of the flat-fold design.

One of the most impressive things about the John Deere R4045 is the fact that it is compatible with dry spinner spreaders. When you can swap a liquid system out for a dry one, you can take your productivity into multiple seasons and boost your profits overall. Now that’s versatility!

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If you want to experience the power and versatility of a John Deere R4045 sprayer, stop by one of our C & B Operations locations or fill out our contact form here. We would love to show you around the equipment and answer all of your questions. In the meantime, you can learn more about the R4045 on our website.