John Deere G5 Display

G5 Universal Display >

  • See more with larger screens, making in-field adjustments easier on-th-go
  • Get running faster with quicker boot times
  • Catch every detail on our most advanced displays, with visual clarity in any conditions
  • Smooth transition from Gen 4 to G5 with a similar easy-to-use operator experience across large ag equipment

4640 Universal Display >

  • Improved operating experience for older John Deere tractors and mixed fleets
  • Enhanced data merging capabilities deliver more on-board and off-board flexibility
  • Improved data capture and collection capabilities – providing more accurate Section Control performance and documentation
  • Precisely apply multiple products simultaneously with individual coverage maps and application points

4200 CommandCenter™ Display >

  • Available factory-installed on 6R, 7-210R and 7-230R Tractors
  • Comes with documentation in base price
  • Easily add and change features as your needs change
  • Permanent, non-transferable AutoTrac activation optional

4240 Universal Display >

  • An affordable and portable way to put precision ag to work for you
  • 8.4-inch touchscreen provides easy-to-use experience
  • High-contrast screen allows you to see your display in bright sunlight, even on open station tractors
  • Basic documentation and AutoTrac come standard

Gen 4 Extended Monitor >

  • Monitor quality of the work being done in broad acre, high speed operations by seeing a second full page run screen on a second interactive touch screen monitor.
  • Easily make machine or implement setting adjustments by reducing the need to swipe between multiple run pages. 

StarFire™ 7000 Receiver with SF-RTK >

  • RTK-like accuracy - 2.5 cm pass to pass repeatability
  • SF-RTK achieves 75% faster pull-in times, compared to SF3 signal
  • Guaranteed 5-year repeatability, season to season
  • Drop-in replacement for StarFire™ 6000 receiver

StarFire™ 6000 Receiver with SF1 >

  • Faster pull-in time and improved performance in shaded conditions
  • Provides +/- 6 inch pass-to-pass accuracy
  • Options to upgrade for enhanced accuracy and longer term repeatability
  • Rapid Recovery feature can quickly re-acquire lost signals

StarFire™ 6000 Receiver with SF3 >

  • Provides +/- 1.2 inch pass-to-pass accuracy
  • Provides in-season repeatability meaning that the A/B lines you establish for planting can be used for harvest
  • Rapid Recovery feature can quickly re-acquire lost signals
  • Requires a StarFire 6000 receiver, SF3 Ready Activation
  • Requires John Deere SF3 subscription


Choose from several easy to use touch-screen displays. More than just A-B lines, you’ll improve application rates, fuel economy and input placement. With some models, you can also get remote support and wirelessly send files.

4640 Universal Display
4200 >8.4"1
4640 >10.4"4
4240 >8.4"1
StarFire 7000


StarFire 7000 Receiver with SF-RTK
The StarFire™ 7000 – with SF-RTK – delivers next-generation performance and dependability. A multi-constellation satellite signal reduces time needed to achieve full signal accuracy. Season-to-season repeatability minimizes guidance line, coverage, and boundary drift year after year.

  • New SF-RTK signal offers RTK-like accuracy within 2.5 cm
  • Up to 73% faster pull-in times, compared to SF3
  • Guaranteed 5-year repeatability, season-to-season
  • Drop-in replacement for StarFire™ 6000 integrated or universal

The StarFire™ 7000 is designed in two configurations. A fully integrated version – available on select new models – delivers a standard, factory-installed solution. And soon, we’ll introduce a Universal model, with a secure locking system that makes it easy to move from machine to machine.

SF-RTK >+/- 2.5 cm< 10 minsLong Term with 5-year GuaranteeStarFire™ NetworkSF-RTK Renewable LicenseNone
Radio RTK >+/- 2.5 cm< 1 min+/- 2.5 cm Long TermRadioRTK Ready activation and RTK subscriptionRTK Radio
SF1 >+/- 15 cm~ 10 minsNoneStarFire™ NetworkNoneNone
StarFire 6000 with SF3


The StarFire 6000 Receiver
You can choose the accuracy you need, ranging from plus-or-minus 6 inches (good enough for many broad acre applications) down to sub-inch accuracy with RTK.

Signal Accuracy
Using our own StarFire™ network we can provide you with a reliable, accurate, and repeatable signal customized to your needs, delivering the accuracy and control you demand. Developed in 1998, the StarFire network was the world’s first Global Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GSBAS) capable of decimeter real-time accuracy.

SF1 >+/- 15 cm~ 10 minsNoneSatelliteNoneNone
SF3 >+/- 3 cm< 30 mins+/- 3 cm in-season repeatabilitySatelliteSF3 Ready activation, SF3 subscriptionNone
Radio RTK >+/- 2.5 cm< 1 min+/- 2.5 cm Long TermRadioSF3 Ready activation, RTK Ready activation, RTK subscriptionRTK Radio
Mobile RTK >+/- 2.5 cm< 1 min+/- 2.5 cm Long TermCellularSF3 Ready activation, RTK Ready activation, mRTK subscriptionMTG JDLink Connectivity