Gen 4 Extended Monitor

Gen 4
Extended Monitor

  • Monitor quality of the work being done in broad acre, high speed operations by seeing a second full page run screen on a second interactive touch screen monitor.
  • Easily make machine or implement setting adjustments by reducing the need to swipe between multiple run pages. 


Gen 4 Extended Monitor

Extended Monitor mounted on A-post with 4600 CommandCenter™ display

The Gen 4 Extended Monitor provides a secondary monitor for producers who want two monitors to manage their machine and precision ag applications on their 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 Universal Display. Adding the second monitor gives producers the ability to view and adjust more settings at once without switching run pages. With 21-2 or later software, it is possible to view and adjust ISO-VT screens on both monitors at the same time.

Leveraging a Generation 4 display with an Extended Monitor provides the following benefits:

  • One easy-to-use system – Adjust on the go with either monitor in one operating system while always having direct access to more run pages and information.
  • Simplified in-cab operating experience – Generation 4 displays are built on a foundation of being easy to use for operators. Two monitors from the same system eliminates the potential for mismatched information and the need for separate software updates for different displays.
  • Maximize uptime and minimize setup time with quick and easy plug and play over the traditional dual-display setup steps.
  • Better positioned to avoid costly mistakes during product application by providing the ability to more effectively have direct access to information and adjustments.
  • Increased customization and viewable access to the Generation 4 run page layout, as well as flexible mounting location of the additional monitor.