Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile

  • Monitor the performance of your combine, planter, or sprayer.
  • Understand what adjustments can improve the job performance.
  • View detailed machine information to maximize results from the work you do to make better decisions in the future.


Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile split-screen view

Connect Mobile overview

Monitor job quality in planting, spraying, and harvesting through an Apple® iPad® tablet app in the cab of a John Deere machine with John Deere Connect Mobile. Easily visualize and display multiple quality layers to detect problems that can occur during planting, spraying, or harvest. Connect Mobile also has a common user interface that makes it easy to use between different pieces of John Deere equipment.

Planting attributes
Connect Mobile Plant

Connect Mobile split-screen view

Connect Mobile split-screen view allows users to compare two quality layers at once in every operation.

While planting, monitor and visualize key performance indicators in high-definition map layers and dashboard tiles such as:

  • Actual population
  • Target population
  • Singulation
  • Seed-spacing coefficient of variation (CV)
  • Applied downforce
  • Gauge wheel margin
  • Ride quality
  • Ground speed
  • Variety
Singulation alerts
Singulation Alerts

Turning on singulation alerts and setting thresholds

Singulation Alerts in Connect Mobile

Singulation alerts in Connect Mobile

Set thresholds for quality layers and get alerts when they are exceeded.

Planter Quality Manager

Planter Quality Manager screen

Use Planter Quality Manager to precisely understand how each row is performing.

Spraying attributes
Connect Mobile Map

Connect Mobile actual rate map and pressure map in split-screen view gives the operator deeper understanding of machine performance

  • Actual rate
  • Rate deviation
  • Ground speed
  • Pressure
Harvest attributes
Harvesting Split Screen

Connect Mobile split view

Connect Mobile split-screen view allows users to compare a previous planting layer with current harvest layer, giving the operator instant understanding of variety performance, and helping find how to best harvest the field.

  • Ground speed
  • Moisture
  • Dry yield
  • Wet yield
  • Relative grain loss – Beta
Grain Loss Map

Show relative grain loss map – beta with trend graph

Loss Monitor Calibration

Changes to loss monitor’s calibration factor

When the loss monitor’s calibration factor changes, it is noted as a pin on the map and a vertical line on the trendline.

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Connect Mobile harvest makes ICA extremely easy. ICA can assist operators in improving the overall daily and seasonal productivity and quality of the combine. This feature is designed to resolve issues operators face during changing crop or harvest conditions and improve combine efficiency.

NOTE: ICA is available only on Final Tier 4 (FT4) model year 2014 through 2017 S Series Combines.


Select the performance issue that needs to be improved


See the recommendations given to improve the issue


Users can apply the recommendation they want to try


ICA automatically makes the adjustment


ICA shows when the adjustment is complete

Connect Mobile harvest also has a run time monitor with key indicators. These include rotor speed, fan speed, threshing clearance, chaffer opening, sieve opening, average moisture, average wet yield, and average dry yield during harvest.

They are displayed on the iPad® tablet for easy monitoring. When a combine adjustment is made, the operator can see the machine indicators that are affected as they change in real-time.

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Connect Mobile hardware is factory installed on all model year 2015 and newer planters with ExactEmerge™ row-units and all model year 2017 and newer planters that are factory installed with MaxEmerge™ 5e row-units, making it easy to get started with Connect Mobile. Ask a dealer for more information about retrofit kits.

Connect Mobile hardware (wireless data server [WDS]) is factory installed on all model year 2017 sprayers. On 2018 and newer sprayers, the 4600 CommandCenter™ (with Connect Mobile server app) eliminates the need for the WDS. Producers can also retrofit Connect Mobile on older sprayers by upgrading from a GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display to 4640 Universal Display and using the Connect Mobile server app. Field-installed kits for use with a GreenStar 3 2630 Display are no longer available.

Connect Mobile is compatible with all R-Series Sprayers and all John Deere 30 Series Sprayers that are equipped with a 4640 Universal Display. The 4640 Universal Display includes the Connect Mobile server app, meaning there is no additional equipment required. The user simply pairs the Wi-Fi of the iPad® tablet to the wireless network of the 4640 Universal Display. Older sprayers equipped with a GreenStar 3 2630 Display need to upgrade to a 4640 Universal Display for use with Connect Mobile.

Connect Mobile hardware was factory installed on all model year 2016- to 2018 S- Series Combines. On S- Series Combines, the 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 Universal Displays and Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) replace the need for a WDS, making it even easier to get started with Connect Mobile. Users can bring an iPad tablet to the cab and go. Producers with older combines utilizing a GreenStar 3 2630 Display can also use Connect Mobile by installing the combine field kit.

Combines using the Connect Mobile Server (CMS) cannot utilize a WDS. Connect Mobile also cannot be used if the GreenStar 3 2630 Display is installed as the Precision Ag display.

Learn more about Connect Mobile in the Field and Crop Solutions section within the Precision Ag Technology product line and how it can improve the quality of planting and spraying jobs.

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Connect Mobile is a solution that uses an Apple® iPad® tablet to help the operator better understand and manage the performance of their machines and implements. The iPad is utilized in the cab and works in conjunction with the GreenStar 3 2630 Display and 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 Universal Display. The Connect Mobile app augments the existing information available by displaying high-resolution, quality maps and performance metrics that are not offered by the GreenStar 3 2630 and 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 Universal Display.

To simplify the use of Connect Mobile, the field selection, crop type, products, and other documentation setup data are configured in the GreenStar 3 2630 and 4600 CommandCenter or 4640 Universal Display and automatically sent to the iPad. Accuracy of the documentation data and the maps are also important with Connect Mobile.

The global positioning system (GPS) information of the StarFire™ 3000 or 6000 Receiver is also sent to the iPad, improving the accuracy of maps. This ensures the documentation data being captured is accurate and displayed on the iPad properly.

Connect Mobile also works with a variety of other existing John Deere technology solutions. Please refer to the compatibility section for all the details.

NOTE: The 4200 CommandCenter and 4240 Universal Displays are not compatible with Connect Mobile. The 4640 Universal Display is compatible for spraying and harvesting using the Connect Mobile Server (CMS) and can be used with a wireless data server (WDS) for seeding.

Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.