In-Field Data Sharing

In-Field Data Sharing

  • See coverage and as-applied maps for machines working in the same field at the same time.
  • Ensure complete field coverage with multiple machines even in low light and/or dusty conditions.
  • Reduce over-application leading to more accurate documentation data and lower input costs.


In-Field Data Sharing

Layers and legends

  • Monitor the quality of job being performed on other machines.
Sharing Coverage

Three machines sharing coverage

Sharing Maps

Sharing as-applied maps

Sharing maps and vehicle position helps confirm proper performance and help producers manage operations in the field.

  • Zoom out to the field view to make sure the entire field has been covered.
  • View other operators’ as-applied maps to confirm those machines are calibrated and performing properly.
  • View machines’ yield and moisture maps to get a whole field view, to view progress, and to make sure nothing is missed while confirming machine and crop performance.
  • Confirm the position of tractors working with grain carts or in other support functions.
In-Field Data Sharing

Whole field view

Using In-Field Data Sharing’s Join feature, an operator can quickly join geospatially sorted work groups and accept the client, farm, field, and guidance line as well as crop and other documentation entries. The person starting the work group can either send everything or select only what they want the other operators to use.

With the Join feature, starting a field is faster and will result in more consistent usage of guidance lines and documentation data.

Using a streamlined setup process, In-Field Data Sharing matches maps and guidance lines together based on the information selected in the Work Setup screen; the same information is needed to document an operation. Setup items can be sent to the display from Operations Center for selection to make setup even easier.

The information needed depends on the operation:

  • Planting and seeding – client, farm, field, and crop
  • Product application – client, farm, field, and product or tank mix
  • Harvest – client, farm, field, and crop
Work Setup

Work Setup and Work List

Shared Work

Shared Work

By joining a work group, you can view and select work history and shared work from a different time if different maps are required to finish an operation. Accessed from the Work List screen, Shared Work displays the data available from the cloud, while Work History displays the information created using the display. For example, if multiple herbicide applications are being made, a previous application can be selected to finish the field.

Work Groups

Searching for other work groups

Joining a Work Group

Joining a work group

Shared work data is sent and received in 30-second segments. Including data transfer, a display will typically receive updates to coverage from group members approximately every 30 seconds and updates to group member position approximately every 6 seconds. 

NOTE: Data transfer times can vary depending on strength of data connection.