You have a lot of choices when it comes to the right tool to get the job done. We believe John Deere is the right choice.

Commitment to Quality

We know that the rigors of the job can take a toll on not only you but also your equipment. While other equipment falls short, John Deere keeps going, whether it is your first season or your fiftieth. This equipment is built to stand the test of time. John Deere parts and service are here to keep things running in tip-top shape.

Commitment to Tradition

For generations, John Deere has been synonymous with the agriculture industry. Many remember watching grandpa drive his big green machine. Many have inherited tractors that worked the family land and will continue to do so. Farming establishes a special relationship with family, the land, and those who receive the fruits of the labor. C & B Operations is proud to help continue that tradition by offering John Deere equipment, parts and service.
HarvestLab 3000

Commitment to Innovation

At C & B Operations, we know that in order to get the job done right, you need the best tools available. Now, more than ever, farmers are asked to do so much with so little. A modern farm must take advantage of the latest technology. John Deere has always been committed to innovating the future of agriculture, and their Precision Ag Technology means you can do more with the resources you have. Whether it is ensuring you get the highest yield when it comes to harvesting, reducing irrigation costs or improving application rates, John Deere is ahead of the curve, and we are ready to provide you with the right tool for the job.

8370RT Tractor

Commitment to Value

We know how important it is that every dollar spent is spent wisely. At C & B, we are proud to provide the best value to our customers, and John Deere equipment is a huge part of that. We believe we provide the equipment with the best value. With John Deere, we stand by our customers, providing great service no matter the season.

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