Why Used John Deere Combines
Are The Right Choice

C & B Operations isn’t just your premier location for new John Deere equipment. We also carry a huge selection of used equipment in all 37 of our locations across South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa and Idaho. Used John Deere combines make up a large portion of our inventory, so if you’re looking to expand your operations, replace a worn-out combine or upgrade to a newer model, swing into C & B Operations today.

When it comes to buying a used combine, there are a lot of things to consider and price is only one small part of that.

Used Combines for sale at C & B Operations.

While total operating hours can be an important indicator of wear and tear, it’s also important to get an accurate account of a combine’s service history. A machine with 4000 operating hours and regular upkeep is going to generally be in better shape than a machine with 2000 total hours but no maintenance. It’s best to always look to buy a used a combine that has accompanying service records and inspection logs.

As you would with a used car, it’s also important to start the used combine and watch for fluid leaks, listen for any knocks or screeching from the engine and machinery and let the operator display start up to see if any unexpected warnings show up.

If you’re looking to buy a header with your combine, be sure to check the state of the header for signs of use in rocky terrain. If the cutter bar auger or the cutter bar itself are littered with cuts, dents and scrapes it might be a sign that the combine was operated in rocky soil, which could also have led to rock ingestion – never a good sign.

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When shopping for a used John Deere combine for sale, it’s important to know what to look for- but with some general tips in mind, you can often find incredible deals on the used marketplace. C & B Operations takes all the guesswork and uncertainty out of it, so swing into one of our 37 locations today to pick up the used combine that’s right for you.